A Blessing That Keeps You In Focus

Commitment is a blessing that keeps you in focus.

With this blessing, everything in your life takes on order, balance, stability and vision.

It keeps you on a certain path, allowing you to crystallize your thoughts, prioritize opportunities and chart a sensible path through life.

It empowers everything in life, gives measure and dimension to your path and reduces confusion.

Think of your business.

You must be committed to it for it to succeed.

Your marriage can only thrive if you are committed to walking together.

The same goes for practically anything we experience in life.

Most of the greatest inventions we enjoy without a second glance came because someone somewhere was committed enough to stay the course until they figured out a solution.

Think of the lightbulb.

There’s a measure of stubbornness in commitment. But commitment is more than that. It contains sensibility and wisdom in equal measure.

And there are more ingredients that give commitment its power. Add dedication, vision,  loyalty, fixation, joy and you have a wonderful concoction that gives life its sense of orderliness.

It’s not a burden when you are committed to what really matters.

For commitment to operate efficiently, dedication is required.

Loyalty is the glue that gels commitment together while dedication is the energy that fuels commitment.

Without loyalty, there can be no commitment.

And without dedication, there can be no joy in commitment.


Commitment Is The Lock, Key And Contract

Think of commitment as the lock, key and contract.

It binds all things together.

In marriage, it’s commitment that prevents partners from straying.

In business, it’s commitment that keeps employees coming back every day. It’s the fire that keep bosses thinking of improving their business, increasing profits, productivity and efficiency.

In sports, it’s commitment that keeps players constantly searching for ways to win the game.

So, enjoy it. It’s liberating, it keeps your life in focus.

In fact, commitment, and all the things necessary to support that commitment, can be immensely empowering.

It gives you something to live for, and the value of that is immeasurable.


Commitment… Is Agreement

For commitment to work, there must be agreement.


Commitment – Something To Be Embraced

Today, our challenge to you is to stay committed.

And if you’re not committed, find something you believe in to be committed to, so that your life can take on the balance and order it needs to thrive.

Find a cause to believe in.

I’d recommend that first cause to be you.

Believe in you and commit yourself to being the best ‘you’ you can possibly be.

When you do that, you begin loving yourself, staying healthy, happy, bright and positive.

You suddenly mean something.

Isn’t that what we all yearn for?


Commitment Is Love

After you commit to yourself, you find a new joy and power to love those around you, from family to friends.

This bright, new bubbly love gives you a good, undeniable reason to get up in the morning, every morning.

Commit yourself, and you have a solid platform from which to make real, meaningful progress in life.

Be sure of whom or what you’re committing to, and then be relentless in supporting that commitment.

Make the commitment, and make real richness in this world.


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Today’s Inspiration Quote – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.