One of the secrets of effective prayer that old-time intercessors taught us was to recognize the presence of God in prayer. 

God’s Generals Recognized The Secret Of Effective Prayer

Effective prayer was one of the secrets the heroes of the Bible applied to stunning effect.

It’s so powerful that miracles visited them at every turn.

And if we so desire, miracles can accompany our lives too in the same way they did for God’s Generals.

The secret to effective prayer is knowing He hears you and believing that He wants to reward you.

The Book of Hebrews calls it faith.

In fact, if you come before God -The Father and don’t expect Him to hear and reward you, the Bible says He tells you not to expect anything from Him.


Effective Prayer Requires… Expectation.

When you pray, you MUST believe that God will act on your prayer.

That’s the secret.

Expectation of a reward.

Crazy, right?

It goes in the face of everything we’ve heard about not demanding God to respond to your prayer because he is God.

Where did that doctrine come from?

When you realize that God is not coming or going but is always present, that makes prayer special.

He is your refuge, strength, and very present help (Psalms 46:1).


How To Prepare For Effective Prayer

When you enter your prayer closet, shut the door.

To be effective, you need to shut out any form of distraction and commit your attention solely on Him.

Christ wanted his disciples to form an intimate prayer life.

He taught you to enter your prayer closet and shut the door behind you. In other words, get in that quiet place devoid of all distractions.

It is hard to have an intimate time of fellowship with your Creator with the television blaring, baby crying, and the phone ringing.

Approach God in reverence alone with nothing competing for your attention.

It’s just you and him.

When you get in that place, don’t pray some dead religious, traditional prayer, learn the art and science of effective prayer.

For example, we tend to ask for too many things in prayer.

You need to learn to bring one thing before God and pray until you get the tangible physical manifestation of that desire in your hands.

It could take days or weeks.

But you have to keep at it long enough.

That’s what Daniel did… for 21 long days.

He didn’t relent or sidetrack into another request until an angel finally arrived and told him exactly what was happening every minute as he prayed.

We don’t get answers because we fail to realize exactly what’s going on in the spiritual realm once we begin to pray.

Every force in the second heaven will prevent your answer from reaching you. That’s why you must keep at it until you get your answer.

Secondly, we pray just once and think that’s enough.

Related to the point above, keep praying over that one item until it’s answered. Then move on to another project.

Your best place to do this is your prayer closet.

Your prayer closet is the secret place.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalms 91:1).

It is in the secret place that you reverence God, develop intimacy with the Father, and share things you would never share with anyone else. That is why it is called a ‘secret’ place.

Effective Prayer That Gets Results

Effective Prayer That Gets Results is prayer that…

  • Approaches God, The Father in the Name of Jesus
  • worships God
  • exalts God
  • leads you into repentance
  • breaks all ungodly altars
  • applies the Blood of Jesus
  • has a singular focus

Commune With The Holy Spirit

When you commune with the Holy Spirit in your prayer closet, God hears your prayer secrets and rewards you openly.

That means he hears your prayer and answers in such a way that all can see that you have been with him.

The intimate prayer in the secret place gets rewarded.

Camp Of Joshua

In the Camp of Joshua, we train you on effective prayer – the kind that gets God’s attention and brings results.

Although we have to warn you, this is a grueling program.

It’s going to take a lot of your dedication, effort and concentration if you want to reach the heights of God’s Generals who knew how to apply the secrets of effective prayer to get answers every time they asked.

Are you willing?

If yes, then let’s meet in the Camp of Joshua.