Heroes Of Prayer Never Give Up

To pray effectively, we should emulate heroes of prayer like Daniel, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha and Simon Peter.

Why are they heroes of prayer?

Because they persisted in prayer until they received an answer.

In short, they prayed, God listened and responded with such clarity that it left people in shock.

Such powerful answers to prayer prove something… that God is still in the business of answering prayer.

It also proves that IF our prayer is not answered, then something happened to prevent or delay us from getting our answers on time.

Without Prayer, God Can Do Nothing

The Lord yearns for heroes of prayer – men and women who give themselves entirely to the work of getting heaven’s armies involved in matters of the earth.

Because without prayer, God can’t. And without God we won’t. It’s tough to fathom, right?

But prayer is exactly how He planned to move in response to our pleas.

It’s how He destined heaven and earth to connect in a brilliant joining of forces to bring about everything you could ever desire.

The most important thing you can do for God is pray. When you do, you give heaven legal rights to invade earth and work with you to bring about His perfect plan.

Yet, unfortunately, when it comes to prayer, something unusual happens.

We suddenly feel drowsy, bored, distant. Sadly, when you switch on TV a couple of minutes later, it immediately has our undivided attention.


Heroes Of Prayer Know It Requires Diligence.

Once you get down to praying, you’ll notice that effective prayer requires diligence.

It’s not as easy as mumbling a couple of lines and moving on with your day.

No one proves this so powerfully to us than our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, facing His ultimate challenge, the Bible tells us He prayed repeatedly and intensely, until drops, like blood formed and trickled down his forehead.

That’s work.

For the longest time, I struggled to understand the verse that says;

The Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force…

I wondered, “Who are these violent people and why is violence needed in the first place?

I turned to my handy Strong’s Concordance and Greek Lexicon for answers since I knew no Pastor or theological expert who had adequately discussed or preached on the topic.

It wasn’t until I sourced material online from Bible Exposition experts like Dr. Myles Munroe that I was able to piece together an interpretation.

You need to exercise energetic effort in prayer. It must consume you with single-minded devotion.

In short, that word, ‘violent’ transliterated from Greek to English actually means energy or active force.

I realized that to gain the treasures of the Kingdom, you need to exercise ‘energetic effort’ if I can call it that.

It refers to energetic activity in prayer. You need energy if you are going to persist in prayer. And you need to persist in prayer, if you want answers.

A Hero of prayer has one thing on his mind. His answer from God.

It must consume you with single minded devotion until you can literally ‘taste’ and ‘see’ your answer.

That flies in the face of what most of us were taught in Sunday school, right?

We were told we only need to pray once.

After all God is not deaf. He heard you loud and clear the first time.

But coming back to that incident in the Garden of Gethsemane, something tells us otherwise.

If Jesus prayed repeatedly, and He prayed with such earnestness, then we need to pay attention.

Based on that observation, He prayed repeatedly and with passion.


Heroes Of Prayer…. Are Persistent

To be a hero of prayer, we need to pray persistently on the object of our prayer until we know that it has been answered.

Let’s take George Müller for example.

George Müller cared for 10,000 orphaned children in Bristol during the 19th Century. He never made appeals for money, trusting implicitly in God, he received £1,500,000 in answer to prayer. At present day prices, this would be well over £86,000,000.

To be a hero of prayer, we need to pray with force, with energy and dedication.

When you do this, it takes over your whole being. You are fully engaged with this task.

(That doesn’t mean we pray until we are literally bleeding.)

It does mean it needs to be more than just a bland aimless exercise.

That’s probably why we shove it aside in favor of ‘activities’ that spare us the agony of mumbling repetitive phrases to God that hardly capture our imagination, leave alone His.

Say you are in debt to the tune of $45,000. You obviously need $45,000 to pay off your debt. The task ahead of you in prayer is… $45,000/- It’s concrete, tangible, absolute. You now have a clear goal.

You set off to pray that you get the funds to pay this off in full.

The question then is, “How do you know you have received your answer?”

You know when you have paid off the amount in full.

Some will laugh at this.

Yes, that’s happened to me.

“How silly are you? You can’t pray money down from heaven???!!”

That’s what I’ve been told hundreds of times. I reached a point where I simply stopped telling people about my prayer items.

First, God doesn’t work like that, so whoever is scorning you has missed the point.

As you set yourself to pray, God begins to move inside you, depositing insights, inspiration, flashes of brilliance, and thoughts that, when acted on, will bring you what you desire.

Call it intuition.

Call it serendipity.

Yeah, it’s God talking to you.

Most of the time, He will give you an answer in the form of a dream. Whether you identify it, grasp it, and fully act on it or not depends entirely on you.

But what if you pray once and nothing happens?

Do you stop praying and say, “Well God heard me, and did nothing. That must be His Will.”


This is one of the biggest mistakes in our reasoning…and it leads us to the next key point about heroes of prayer.


Heroes Of Prayer Pray…Until They See An Answer

The night before Peter was to appear before Herod, he was sleeping in between two soldiers.

An angel appeared to him and his chains fell off. The angel commanded him to follow him out of the prison, through the iron gate leading to the city, which opened for them by itself.

When they had gone outside and walked the length of one block, the angel suddenly left him.

And when Peter realized this, he went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people were gathered together praying.

His miraculous escape from prison was because of the combined, fervent, energetic prayer of many people.

When Daniel prayed and got no answer, he did it repeatedly until an angel stood before him…. 21 days later.

What if Daniel stopped praying on day 18?

There’s one key reason why he never stopped praying and it leads us to the next point…

Heroes Of Prayer Know The Will Of God Regarding Their Petition

You MUST know that it’s God’s will to answer you.

Without this conviction, every prayer is fruitless.

You can only gain this conviction through knowing God’s Will.

In other words, before you open your mouth and begin to pray, you must be absolutely sure of what God’s position is in the matter.

That seals the legal right to get a response from the God of Heaven on the matter.

This is one of the most confusing points in modern Christianity.

You pray. Nothing happens. You assume it’s the Will of God.

Bad move.

How many of you know someone who said, “Well, we prayed. We fasted… and our loved one passed on from cancer. It must be the Will of God.”

Unless you know the Will of God concerning a matter, you will never be able to tell whether your prayer was answered or not.

In the case I mentioned above, it couldn’t possibly be God’s will to take someone away using cancer.

I mean, Jesus died on the cross. His bruised battered body was a sacrifice for all the diseases and sicknesses we would ever bear.

His blood; an eternal atonement for every sin under the sun.

How then can it be God’s Will that someone die in such a horrible painful manner?

God’s Will is that we live to a good old age, seeing our children through to the third and even fourth generation.

In fact, the Bible says a ‘ripe age, full of years.”

Think Caleb. Or Job.

The confusion stems from not knowing why God didn’t answer the prayer.

Let’s take finances for example, because it affects all of us more profoundly than anything else.

Do you know that it’s God’s Will that you be prosperous and without a single debt?

Do you then know that if you find yourself in debt of any sort, then it’s NOT God’s will??

If that’s God’s position and you see yourself in debt, you now know you need to pray your way out of debt.

Therefore, being debt-free IS the will of God concerning you.

Therefore, an answered prayer on that issue is a present time when you are without any debt.

That’s the moment you stop praying and move on to another issue.

There are valid reasons why God won’t and can’t answer prayer in some cases.

But to assume because that it’s His Will not to answer you is to misunderstand exactly what happens in the spiritual realm the minute you begin to pray.


Heroes Of Prayer Know A Lot Happens Behind The Scenes

A lot happens behind the scenes when you begin to pray.

Daniel knew that and he didn’t stop praying until he got his answer.

Let’s come back to the issue of finances again.

Say, you are an entrepreneur and are praying about your finances.

Your businesses always seem to be going down under and you can’t avoid debts.

You’re also a bit confused about bringing the whole tithe and offering to God’s storehouse.

As a result, you understand that you are under a curse because that’s what God said about not bringing the full tithe.

Hint: The fastest way into debt as a Christian is not paying your tithes and offerings.

How do you get rid of the curse? By bringing the whole tithe into God’s storehouse.

In this matter, you may be a bit confused about defining what the full tithe and offering looks like, especially in the case of a self employed business who receives irregular income and from many sources.

Not a problem.

Pray with energetic passion until God reveals with absolute clarity what the full tithe in your case looks like.

But what if, after you tithe and give your full allotment of offerings, you still see yourself in debt?

What happens?

You now know there is another problem behind the scenes that’s the root of your problem.

Pray until God reveals with razor-like precision what the problem… and the solution is.

This calls for dedicated prayer. You pray until God reveals with razor-like precision the root of your problem. You then counter it in prayer until you receive your solution.

Behind the scenes, there could be an altar or open doorway to the devil that is legal and binding.

It means regardless of how many times you pray, nothing happens, because every prayer is immediately countered by these open doorways.

What do we mean by open doorways?

Say your grandparents, who were not Christians, turned to ‘ungodly’ ways to get cash.

‘Ungodly’ in this case meaning ways of generating cash that are not in God’s Will. Perhaps someone in your bloodline four generations ago stole money at some point in their lives. Or, in more exaggerated cases, someone in your family may have sought the help of witchdoctors or the occult to get riches.

That’s an open doorway giving the devil legal access to your finances, right through your bloodline.

Now, here you are, a born again Christian, and you had no clue of what took place years ago.

Whether you know it or not, that doorway is still valid and still speaks in your life.

And because it wasn’t repented, every time you pray about your finances, this doorway prevents any sort of financial blessing from reaching you.

Worse, the devil presents this legal right before God every time you pray about financial blessings, preventing Him from answering your prayer.

Yes, it’s true. The devil can resist your prayer. He does so by presenting every and any legal right before God to steal what is rightfully yours.

In other words, the devil stands before the throne of God and says, “I have the legal right to all the finances in this chap’s life! You can’t bless him. And if you do, it’s mine. I have the right to take it! No one in his family closed this doorway.”

This is an example of what happens behind the scenes.

Without knowing what the root is, you are unable to pinpoint the issue, in this case the open doorway, repent of it on behalf of your ancestors, close the door and therefore legally repossess the right to your financial blessings.

Now, you know why so many Christians are in debt. They don’t know God’s position regarding the matter and/or they don’t know how the root cause of WHY they don’t get financial blessings.

That process in itself demands such full unbridled dedication to prayer that it’s impossible to pray a simple 2-minute prayer and expect results.

Heroes of prayer know what happens behind the scenes.

Here’s another ‘famous’ instance from Daniel’s life.

Daniel persisted in prayer and fasting for 21 days to get a singular answer from God.

When the angel finally appeared, he mentioned that he fought with the Prince of Persia who had delayed him. The Archangel Michael had to come to support him to break through the resistance and get to Daniel.

So much was going on behind the scenes, that if Daniel stopped praying and fasting, he would never have gotten the answer he expected.


In Summary

We’ve discussed a lot so far. Let’s recap.

To be an hero of prayer, you must:

  • Understand prayer is hard work
  • Know prayer requires energetic force
  • Not stop praying until you see your answer
  • Know that it’s your legal right to expect and receive an answer
  • Never give up
  • Be persistent
  • Know the Will of God regarding your petition before you pray
  • Understand that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes

So, make up your mind to be like Daniel, like Jesus, like Samuel, like Elijah who would pray rain clouds into formation.

They were stubborn in their pursuit for an answer from the heavens and never gave up even in the face of adversity. it didn’t matter how long it took. They kept at prayer until they saw their answer.

And with God’s help, we too can receive the full reward of our expectation when we go before our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer.

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