Best Christian Blog Reads: October 2017

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Cece Winans Scoops Gospel Artist Of The Year Award

The 48th annual GMA Dove Awards ceremony belonged to Cece Winans.

Best Christian Blog Reads October 2017
NASHVILLE, TN – OCTOBER 17: (Photo by Jamie Gilliam/Icon Sportswire)

On this star-studded night graced by all the gospel music heavyweights, Cece Winans scooped the coveted awards for Gospel Artist Of The Year and contemporary Gospel| Urban Worship Album of the Year.

Cece had been nominated for three GMA Dove Awards, Contemporary Gospel|Urban Worship Album of the Year for Let them Fall in Love; Contemporary Gospel| Urban Song of the Year, “Never Have To Be Alone,” and Gospel Artist of the Year.

This was even more memorable considering her son Alvin Love III produced the impressive ‘Let Them Fall In Love” album. Both Alvin and Tommy Sims received a nod for Producer of the Year.

Winans’ response to taking home two Dove Awards,

“I am humbled by God’s kindness and faithfulness. Winning is always about GOD being glorified! LET THEM FALL IN LOVE is a project I am proud of because people all over the world will fall in love with Jesus because of it. Thank You to everyone for your support.”

Read the full account on The Christian Beat

Sing! Master Songwriters Keith And Kristyn Getty Share Their Tips For Churches

Keith and Kristyn Getty are significant songwriters and worship leaders, and now they’ve written a book encouraging churches to share the gift of music with all their members.

Sing!: How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family and Church comes with a raft of recommendations from conservative Christians including Mark Dever, DA Carson and Anne Graham Lotz.

At its heart is the belief that ‘the Church has been, is, always should be and can be a joyfully singing Church.

In a sense, singing is part of what we exist to do.’ Congregational singing, they believe, is ‘one of the greatest and most beautiful tools we have been given to declare God’s “excellences”, strengthening His Church and sharing His glory with the world.’

The Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery — Still Fascinating After 70 Years

For many people, biblical scholarship — with its archaic languages and ancient texts — is boring stuff. But that’s not true of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In the spring of 1947, Bedouin goat-herds, searching the cliffs along the Dead Sea for a lost goat (or for treasure, depending on who is telling the story), came upon a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts.

That find caused a sensation when it was released to the world, and continues to fascinate the scholarly community and the public to this day.

Read more on this fascinating account here.

10 Things Your Wife Hates

According to Kimberly & Le Roy Wagner, “your wife wants you to understand that although she may be strong, assertive, secure, and spiritually growing, she still needs you to actively lead her to the cross.”

They go on to say that “men and women process and express themselves differently when it comes to spiritual matters, but your wife needs you to step up to the plate and serve as her spiritual warrior!”

So, it’s up to men to figure out how to communicate with their wives and show them the gospel.

And I do agree, that is a hard task! After all, you’re human as well!

So what do you think?

Head on over to Crosswalk and see if you agree!

Can You Be A Fashion Blogger And A Christian At The Same Time?

“Jesus and style are like oil and water,” says Jeanette Johnson.

she writes in her forthcoming bookJ’s Everyday Fashion & Faith: Personal Style With Purpose. “Or at least that’s what I grew up believing.”

Jeanette Johnson grew up in a frugal, deeply Christian home in Kansas where “you wore something until you had holes in it,” she recalls.

Seven years later, Johnson, 33, is still blogging, earning a living primarily through sponsored posts from retailers including JC Penney, Macy’s, Kohls, thredUP, and Everlane.

In the book, which comes out in October, she makes a case for how Christianity—she currently belongs to a non-denominational church—can co-exist with personal style.

The Raw Power of Practicing Patience in Your Marriage

Patience is an intentional force.

It’s not some passive state of agreement or being walked all over.

Like an intentional blow a black belt would strike an opponent with, so is patience.

It’s an action, a full-blown energetic action that speaks volumes and leaves everyone much happier.

There is inherent power in patience and there will definitely be times when you need to exercise patience in your marriage.

And it is much needed in your marriage.

See why you need to develop this gem of a virtue in your marriage.

Power Couples, Devon Franklin and Kirk Franklin, Team Up For A Double Date

Celebrity actress Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin joined gospel music sensation Kirk And Tammy Franklin for double date fun.

Meagan and DeVon tied the knot in 2012 and celebrated five years of marriage in June.

Kirk and Tammy married in 1996, and have enjoyed 21 years of marital bliss so far.

There’s no doubt that Kirk Franklin is one of the most successful gospel artists of his generation.

And a strong, stable marriage is another one of his (and Tammy’s) achievements. At a time when many marriages are falling apart, this in itself is a powerful testimony of God’s grace in marriage.

And what better way to show God’s goodness than to model His faithfulness as a couple to celebrity couple Meghan Goode and Devon Franklin.

Trump Adviser Publishes Testimonies Of Christian Martyrs

As a college student, Johnnie Moore witnessed a graduation ceremony that changed his life.

On a two-week mission trip to India, he watched 2,000 students graduating from a Bible college recited in unison a “martyr’s oath,” pledging their willingness to die for Jesus as they set out to proclaim the Gospel.

It begs the question, “Why go to this extraordinary length for the Gospel?

And who are these extraordinary individuals who went to such lengths and what impact did it leave on Johnny Moore?

In other words…

How did this experience impact his work as a member of President Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board?

This is what he did next…

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