Best Reads Of The Week: August 2017

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Faith Moves Mountains: 3 Encouraging Stories To Inspire You

Faith moves mountains.

Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the substance of things not yet seen.

But, it sure seems harder than it seems, sometimes.

Faith Testimonies: Stories From The Land Of Faith

That’s at least until we hear about some real stories of faith around us that arouse us, inspire us and keep us going strong.

Like the man who was without a job for five years. He changed the way he prayed and kept at it persistently until a fabulous job landed in his lap.

Mind you, it was a job that Jeremy wasn’t qualified for…

See what happened next…

Travis Greene Arrives at No. 1 on Top Gospel Albums With Crossover: Live From Music City

Travis Greene’s Crossover: Live From Music City hits No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Gospel Albums chart first week of September.

The album earned 9,000 equivalent album units (8,000 in traditional sales) in its opening week, ending Aug. 24, according to Nielsen Music.

This is Greene’s second leader on the list and marks his biggest sales week to date.

Ever since he the hit the gospel music scene, Travis has simply lit up the industry with his blend of passionate heartfelt lyrics and distinct voice.

See what Travis Had to say about this phenomenal achievement

Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy’s New Album Out Now

Top-selling artist, Anthony Brown & group therAPy, announce the release of third album, A Long Way From Sunday which will be in stores and online everywhere July 28.

In advance of the album being available for consumers to pre-order on June 23, Anthony Brown & group therAPy fans will be given a treat as “Trust In You” goes on sale today for $0.69.

The commanding single continues to rise on the radio charts, reaching the top 15 this week.

Anthony Brown Continues To Soar

“A Long Way From Sunday” is the third release from Brown, and shows his continued upward trajectory in his music career.

Song after song, the album is balanced and well-rounded and is deserving of both critical and consumer accolades.

Song after song, the album is balanced and well-rounded and is deserving of both critical and consumer accolades.

Featuring smash hits including the current top 10 single, “Trust In You,” and the Warryn Campbell produced “I Got That,” as well as the additions of guest artists Sho Baraka on “Lost,” (a fan favorite), Leandria Johnson on “Consumed,” and Jonathan McReynolds & Travis Greene on “Every Time,” “A Long Way From Sunday” is a strong and relevant project.

See How Kirk Franklin Is Pushing Gospel’s Boundaries

Kirk Franklin is an enigma.

And as always, you can rely on him to push the envelope just a little bit further.

At forty-six, Kirk Franklin is easily the most successful contemporary gospel artist of his generation.

So what’s up his sleeve regarding music, ministry, the gospel music industry and today’s current crop of musicians?

Find out here…

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