I’m David Makuyu, a Christian, a curious thinker, an imaginative creative individual who’s happy to share my Christian faith, inspired moments and devotions with you.

Along the way, I’ll share pivotal lessons that I’ve learnt on my pilgrim’s journey as God gives me guidance.

This is a Christian blog that, I hope, will inspire you as you live out your Christian faith.


It’s inspired mostly by my time in Christian radio, where I was privileged to host a popular drive-time show and interact with Christians from all over the country.

One of the best times during that season were the countless testimonies I heard from people from all walks of life.

In particular, people resonated with a special program segment called, ‘Drive-time Devotional.’ Seeing people call in and share how those Drive-time Devotionals inspired or transformed them gave me a never-ending desire to continue sharing God’s insights with everyone searching for a spiritual meaning to life.

Of course, such a conviction comes with its own set of challenges. Life throws spanners in the works to try prevent you from carrying out your deepest desire.

That has been the experience of my life. I have gone through trials, tests and experiences that have been painful but drew me to God more than ever before.

There have been high’s and there have been lows. Through it all, there has been God.

In the process, God has imparted insights and lessons that have totally changed my perception of Him, and what I thought I knew of the Bible.

It turns out that He is an amazing God! It seems funny to say that, but someone needs to hear that today! He is very much alive and relevant to our modern day life. The Bible itself, is a fascinating narrative of His efforts to reach out to us and reveal His amazing plan for us.

It’s part of this ongoing revelation that I desire to share with you through this blog.

And it’s this remarkable journey in the Christian media space that gives rise to the prayer, devotions and inspiration you see here. It also tells my personal journey through prayer in the midst of good and tough times and God’s ability to make everything work for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

It’s my firm belief that the one thing that is needed now to realize our God-given destiny is a lifetime dedication to prayer like God’s Generals who shook the world with their faith and prayer.

What you see reflected on this website, are real grounded principles of prayer and inspiration that you can also use in your personal quest to know God.

So go on and live Christian! Live Inspired!

It is my prayer that you will find Him and get inspired to reach your ultimate potential in Christ. I pray that something you read or listen to, here, will inspire you and encourage you on your pilgrim’s journey.

May God richly bless you!

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