Monday Inspiration: Give Thanks

It’s Monday 27 November, and time to give thanks with a grateful heart!


Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

I remember that song from Don Moen, one of the most requested songs during my time in radio.

It reached a point when I wondered why people kept on requesting it so much…

It seems unusual to say that now, yes, but when you’re face to face with over 500 songs in your library, and one song comes out tops with listeners all the time, you wonder what’s going on.

And wonder what’s going on I did.

So l listened keenly to the lyrics…

Then I understood why it’s a timeless classic…

You can’t help but to worship when the song plays, as with most of Don Moen’s songs.

It’s packed with such raw emotion, such transparency and vulnerability that it will be on the praying lips of many Christians for eternity.

“And Now, Let The Weak say I Am Strong…”

It’s a simple call to adore and exalt a Creator who is higher than we are, stronger than we are and more compassionate than anything we could be.

It’s a cry to the strong arms of the Lord to carry us through life.

It’s an anchor to cling on, hoping that everything in your life will work out for good for those that love God.

More than anything, it’s the conviction that when we are weak, then we are strong, because we give thanks.

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Give Thanks This Week

The first thing that comes to mind when you listen to ‘Give Thanks’ is that it’s an anointed prayer.

It’s one of those silent prayers you wish someone would pray for you when you absolutely have no idea what’s going on in your life.

And hearing someone sing it for you (and back to you) is one of the most powerful moments in life.

When life doesn’t make sense, give thanks.

When there are good and bad times in life, give thanks.

When you’re on top of the mountain and life is fantastic… give thanks!

Praise the Lord.