Monday Inspiration: Try

It’s Monday 13 November!

Another brand new day and week to give thanks to God for the amazing gift of life.

A new day comes with a special challenge to all of us – to apply ourselves to the dreams that God has deposited within us.

What do you do with that knowledge?

The very least you can do today is act on that dream.

If it seems insurmountable, impossible, incredulous, it probably is a God dream.

Even if it seems like acting on it will be a huge step, try.


There’s power in that word – try.

God won’t move your legs for you. You need to do it for yourself and let God then guide you in the direction of your dreams

That’s the least you can do – try.

That’s our motivational reminder this morning, to try, even in the face of the most impossible circumstances.

Every moment of inspiration we receive from God requires one thing… action!

You do your part and act on it. Just try.

Monday Inspiration Try